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PIN® (Persuasion, Influence & Negotiation) skills differentiate impactful professionals and leaders from the rest! The essence of any professional role -regardless of mandate, seniority or industry, -is the ability to positively influence followers, deliver results, and continuously negotiate with teams, managers, stakeholders or adversaries to make sustainable progress. As the world becomes ever more connected and integrated in business, cross cultural communication and influence are a critical skill for any leader or professional.

Discounts available for groups, sole traders & new businesses upon application.

PIN® Fundamentals – Tailored program

So whether you’re walking into a negotiation meeting and your agenda needs to win or you’re leading a team or project and need to draw out the best from others, or challenges in collaboration arise in your culturally diverse workforce, then you will benefit from sharpening your PIN skills to give you THE edge.

Our built-in learning from the Harvard  Negotiation Institute at Harvard Law school means you get the best training there is on offer right  on your doorstep, individually, in teams or groups. Our PIN® Fundamentals program will have you solving actual business cases and serves leaders and professionals from all industries and a wide array of backgrounds including, business development, legal, finance, investor relations, HR, procurement, retail, sales, deal making, team leaders, project leaders, unions, personnel management, employee relations, public sector personnel, network facilitators, mediation, conflict and dispute handling etc. Indeed, anyone wanting to improve their influencing skills to create value and have real impact whilst keeping relations intact and sustainable.

All training is pragmatic, relevant and based on engaging in case simulation and role play with live feedback and coaching.

Program takeaways

You will:

Understand Key Influence and Negotiation Concepts

You’ll learn how to influence without authority, structure a negotiation process, keys to preparation and planning, and practice skilled behaviours on real cases so you can take the risk and luck out of creating the best value available whatever your role or environment. You’ll ensure a win-win.

Build and Sustain Valuable Relationships

You’ll discover how to ask the right questions, find the hook and get others to open up, create trust, build your confidence to better influence others, and to how to succeed, not by defeating the other side, but by persuasively arguing for your own, learn to manage your strengths and weaknesses to become a more effective negotiator and influencer. All this is key to securing repeat business and getting the most out of your stakeholder and customer relations.

Improve your own PIN® signature

Develop your own PIN® style and approach based on individualized feedback from experts and peers. Take away a personalized development plan and unique tool kit for daily mastery- which integrates business, psychology and strategy techniques you can apply the moment you get back to work. Be more confident in managing negotiations, conflicts, team working and leadership, and handling difficult conversations.

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