The Leadership PIN® code

Unlocking the Key to Willing and Winning Relationships – #1 AMAZON BESTSELLER

As a seasoned business leader, do you wonder why you sometimes get the traction you want with people, while other times it feels like you’re spinning your wheels? It’s not luck. You must be able to persuade and influence those you lead to get results in a positive way. Finding the win-win in every interaction is critical to achieving this, as your team and stakeholders must willingly go in the direction you’re asking them to go.

It’s the integration of these skills—persuasion, influence, and negotiation—that allows leaders to gain traction and develop high-performing, fully engaged teams.

In The Leadership PIN Code, Dr Nashater Deu Solheim shares a unique and proven framework for creating the impact and influence you need in your daily work. You’ll learn how to use three simple keys to get what you need from every interaction—while also maintaining positive relationships. If you want to be a leader who inspires trust, easily navigates conflict, and creates value every day, The Leadership PIN Code is for you.

Author Bio

Nashater Deu Solheim is a Psychologist & CEO of  Progressing Minds. She is the author of the Amazon best-seller “The Leadership PIN Code”,  which debuted on the 2020 Forbes list of 8 books “..that will change how you handle relationships”.  She is an advisor to executives on strategic leadership influence and helps businesses with M&A integration, from cultural due diligence to organisational implementation.  She has 25 years of practical business experience across diverse sectors for governments, NGOs, corporations, healthcare and, more recently oil and gas. She has moderated at several national and international conferences. Nashater has held executive leadership positions within multinational corporations in strategy, competence & learning roles and leadership development. She holds a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Surrey and trained as an Expert Negotiator at Harvard Law School.