Our services

Offering a pragmatic approach supported by sound business and psychological evidence.

Offering a pragmatic approach supported by sound business and behavioural evidence.

All our services are delivered by expert executive advisors with business leadership experience and proven track records.

Executive Advisory

We understand that a role at the executive level is often challenging, demanding and sometimes «lonely», where there are no or few peers who share the same responsibilities or pressures they face. Many executive level issues and situations can be sensitive and can only be discussed with a highly trusted and experienced objective partner who has the relevant insights and competencies time and focus to discuss the topic concerned whilst ensuring absolute confidentiality.

Our Executive Advisory service is a combination of being a sparring and discussion partner, sometimes using mentoring and coaching methods, utilizing own business leadership experiences and knowledge from similar types of situations. Your matched advisor can cover any type of topic that may influence the executive’s work; own leadership, executive team, business matters, organisation issues, personal, etc.

Culture Integration & Change

If Culture eats Strategy for breakfast – it starts at the top.

Senior executive teams have unique challenges in interdependencies and collaborative agendas and are a mirror of the organisation. A unique training and consulting from experienced executive leaders, coaches and psychologists mean you can set the culture you desire and need.

We help businesses with integration challenges across Silos, Cultures and Mergers & Acquisitions:

  • Silos (interface management, collaboration)
  • Cultures (national and business)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (from due diligence through implementation)

Delivered by advisors with hands-on experience and proven track records.

Creative Strategy in Business

Learn the tactics of a strategic mindset for better planning and decision-making.

Based on over 25 years in business development,  our expert advisors offer sparring and coaching services to small & medium sized businesses on all aspects of their ambitions in  business and private investments focusing on creating the necessary action plans and prioritization for the results you want to achieve.

For company leadership or  boards working together on strategy then our   “Pink Cloud” toolbox of Convergent and Divergent techniques can unlock the creativity in strategic thinking and processes for teams needing to break out from the standard mold and innovate!

PIN® – Persuasion, Influence & Negotiation for Business

PIN® skills differentiate impactful leaders and professionals from the rest! The essence of any leading role -regardless of the mandate, seniority or industry is the ability to:

  • Positively influence others to follow and develop  – teams and peers, managers and stakeholders
  • Create value directly and in cooperation with others,
  • Continuously negotiate within the organisation and outside towards customers, competitors, or adversaries to make real progress.

PIN® skills differentiate impactful leaders and professionals from the rest!

Leadership Assessment

Unique “6th Dimension” Leadership Evaluation – can they really DO the job?

Drawing on her unique combination of proven expertise in:

•    Building businesses
•    Working as an executive leader in major corporations
•    Organization & Leadership Development
•    Psychology
•    Strategy Advisory

Nashater designed the bespoke  “6D leadership assessment” in appointing senior managers and executives.