Executive advisory

Being a Leader at the top can be a lonely experience.

Our Executive Advisory service is a combination of being a sparring and discussion partner, sometimes using mentoring and coaching methods, utilizing own business leadership experiences and knowledge from similar types of situations. Your matched advisor can cover any type of topic that may influence the executive’s work; own leadership, executive team, business matters, organisation issues, personal, etc.

Our experience has led us to offer the most impactful individual support to executive leaders. We offer two alternative approaches depending on the individual executive’s preferences and needs:

  1. Scheduled regular meetings, typically 1 per month or tailored to the executive’s needed frequency,
  2. On demand/«Beck & Call” service – a flexible offer where the executive can have both scheduled meetings and/or have contact with their advisor by phone, SMS, email at any time i.e. on demand when s/he has a need for a discussion. This service will have our advisor’s highest priority to be available on demand.

We carefully match you to the best expert advisor for your business context

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