Feedback from our clients and partners

“Thank you to Dr Nashater Deu Solheim and Isabel Berwick for an extremely useful webinar on ‘The Psychology of Influence in Business & Leadership’.

We develop so many bad habits when approaching difficult conversations, sales pitches or the daily negotiations we face in business and at home.

Lots to think about now as I look to put some of what I have learnt today into practice!”

Hannah Waddington – Participant on FT Women’s Forum presentation

“We had the pleasure of having Nashater on stage at our annual Design Injection event and she gave an engaging talk about influence in business, speaking to a diverse audience of thinkers, designers, consultants and executives. She spoke with both authority and clarity and I’m sure everyone present learned quite a few things from her talk. I did for sure. I highly recommend Nashater.”

Thordur Arnason – Head of Agency, Cap Gemini-Frog Norway

“Thank you Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim for this impactful session on influence and negotiation skills with our wonderful group of empowered women and allies!”

Suzanne van Staveren – Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer at Edelman Financial Engines

“Dr Solheim facilitated a whole day workshop for us focusing on “What can we do to secure successful change and implementation in new projects” by using the PIN approach and the impacting ABC method. The structured workshop included eg. individual pre-work, fruitful discussions, group work and valuable real time feedback from Nashater. We mapped our strengths and improvement areas and committed to build further on this after the workshop.

Nashater gave us new insight and valuable new tools (PIN/ABC). She succeeded in motivating and influencing us during the workshop and proved that she can deliver short trainings in an effective and value adding way.

I highly recommend Nashater.

Tone Bakken Clausen – HR & Adm. Manager, Skangas

“I am so grateful for the friendship and connection that you and your book already has created for me – and will do in the future! Just the fact of letting go of the restaurant I owned has changed me.

I have been carrying that big sorrow for over 10 years – feeling punished by the universe… not understanding the WHY. – but now… I am ready for a new chapter in my life – and with full presence.

What a change… you are the best doctor I have seen – and you can quote me on that.

And I also just want to wish you a big success with everything you do – can’t wait to follow you and thanks again for making a huge impact in my life.”

Siv Sivertsen – Partner & Founder of SOOO. Global Sustainability Awareness

“Nashater gave a 45 minute lecture at our themed lunch: Eat, Think & Innovate. My colleagues were over-enthusiastic “It was not a word too much – everything was super interesting – could have lasted a lot longer” One other comment (from an older man) “It was very good yesterday, one of the better I’ve attended”. One quarter wants to hear more from Nashater, suggesting a longer course with us.

Conclusion: interesting and useful content, talented and pleasant lecturer.”

Marit Størseth – Validé

“We invited Nashater to give a presentation to our global staff in a townhall meeting. As the meeting was held during lockdown, everyone was participating remotely, but Nashater impressively managed to keep the audience captured, engaged and attentive throughout the session. She is brilliant when sharing her insight to human connection, and how to transfer this knowledge into digital work relationships, and gave us tangible advice on how to adjust for online interaction in our everyday life. Nashater is professional to the fingertips but not at the sacrifice of warmth and power of empathy. I received very positive and unsolicited feedback from our employees afterwards, and give her my warmest recommendations!”

Tone K Skartveit – Communications Specialist, Cegal

“Thank you for everything you’ve helped me through. I will never forget the wisdom you’ve given me and the tools you’ve equipped me with in my work with other people. I am forever grateful! “

May Anette Tallini – Leader, Norwegian Church organization

“I first met Dr. Solheim approximately four years ago and was immediately impressed by her clear mind and precise reflections about effective leadership—on how and what to focus on. The Leadership PIN Code made me curious at first with its easy “tips and tricks”, studied and experienced from her broad background and expertise. Being a leader gives us various challenges. Through my cooperation with Dr. Solheim which has grown stronger over the years, she has provided me as a leader and person with deep insight and an effective toolbox to become a smarter and more efficient leader for high performing teams.”

Henrik Jelsa – Founder at Efab AS, CEO at Bion Group and Startup Investor

“Dr Solheim has posed a great challenge for leaders to step up their game, and she has provided a method which is rooted in neuroscience to guide the way! We desperately need more engaging leaders to truly lead in our ever-changing, ever-volatile business world. This is a must-read for anyone desiring to inspire high performing teams and breakthrough results.”

Bonnie Fetch – Executive Director at Cummins Inc.

“Working with Nashater Deu Solheim has taught me many lessons on how to build a stronger foundation as a leader. The method that this book describes is the most practical and straightforward leadership advice for finding the hook in every relationship and creating mutual success.  Her book should be a must-read for all aspiring leaders and leaders that want to understand the impact you can truly achieve.”

Tor Olav Schibevaag – CEO, SAR AS

“Seeing Nashater challenge leaders to up their game has been an inspiration.  Her book is a great read to unlock your influence and truly lead your team. This can make such a big difference, if you dare.”

Andreas Middelthon – Country Manager at WhistleB, Chairman of British International Schools, Stavanger, Norway,

 “Just as Adlerian Psychology said, ‘All problems are interpersonal relationship problems’, Nashater has brilliantly proposed that ‘All solutions are interpersonal relationship solutions’!

And the connective tissue in this is quality of communication. Not only is this evident through the content and context of the book but in the style of how it is written.

Truly effective leaders simplify the complex to ensure clear communication. They synthesise from multiple inputs those key issues that harmonise the diversity of talents and attributes of their teams. The quality of such communication builds a relationship where the team feels they are working with the leader, not for the leader. To be successful, the leader understands that the technical business of leadership is worth little without the people business of leadership.

This book is a game-changer in this respect because Nashater is exceptional in her depth of knowledge in leadership sciences, in people business wisdom, and in how she applies it to build effective relationships in practice.

The Leadership PIN Code is far more than words setting out a route map to achieving ‘willing and winning relationships’. Nashater coaches you through the journey to give you the ownership of bringing it to real life.

Frank Dick OBE – Motivational speaker & coach, former Olympic coach, author Winning Matters and Winning

“Even though Dr Solheim’s  book is aimed at leaders and managers in business settings, its highly useful tools and insights into human psychology and behaviour transcends into life skills that can be reflected upon and used in all human interactions and contexts.”

Lene Schibevaag – Lecturer at University of Stavanger

“We booked Nashater to host a meeting forum for the sponsors of Lillestrøm Sportsklubb. She did this in a striking way with the lecture “The psychology of influence in business”.

How to create business in context, what to think about and how does it pay to act in different settings. She shares her skills and experiences, as well as activates the audience in a way that makes this extra engaging. I highly recommend Nashater!”

Hanne Cathrine Berg  – DNB

“Nashater Solheim held a presentation at the Association for U37 – Young Managers under the age of 37. The topic and main focus of the presentation was how young people can better achieve the influence they need in situations with employees, managers, clients, or in the job interview. Nashater is sparkling in her role as initiator, linking examples and own experiences to the audience. With practical exercises, humor, she has her own ability to convey the content in such a way that all audience feel that she is talking directly to them. Nashater is very skilled and engaged and shares the gems of her skills and experiences. The feedback we have received is very good and many would love to hear her again. I give her my warmest recommendations.”

Elianne S. Topstad  – Næringsforeningen i Stavanger-regionen

“In connection with DNB’s  sponsored event “Hockey & Heels”, we booked Nashater to present to our customers. She held the presentation “The psychology of influence in business” where she conveyed how you can have the influence you need to motivate employees, and to negotiate with  managers, stakeholders and customers. Professional and creative presentation that shared tips from Nashater’s psychological  perspective, on how you can get the desired impact -whether you are a Manager, employee, or would like to create a win-win in everyday situations. Nashater is great at engaging and activating the audience, and I give her my strongest recommendation.”

Milena Mesfin  – DNB

“Nashater Solheim was an invited speaker at the Stavanger Business Association’s event for women in business on November 24, 2017, where 245 executives and middle managers participated. She gave a presentation on “Influence Without Authority” and explained how to achieve the influence you need in order to motivate employees, and to negotiate with leaders, stakeholders and competitors. She also demonstrated how to get what you need – both as a manager, employee or in everyday negotiation situations. Nashater Solheim is a very skilled and committed speaker and shares openly her skills and experiences. In the post session evaluation, participants gave her very high scores and I would highly recommend her.”

Trude Refvem Hembre  – Næringsforeningen i Stavanger-regionen

“We booked Dr Nashater Solheim to talk about innovation and digitalisation on our RamBase Inspiration Day, and we could not have been happier! Nashater held a very inspirational and engaging presentation and invited us all to actively join the lecture. Nashater is very professional, and angled the topic well to the target audience. We also ran a survey after the day, where we received very good feedback on the presentation– with a score of a whopping 5.5 of 6.”

Siv Hafstad Grinde – Hatteland

“Nashater held a superb presentation and workshop on how to influence and make an impact on others and your team. At the first encounter with her I understood that she was a professional. The way she wanted to make sure I was understanding what she would present made the dialog easy from the beginning. During the presentation she was structured, easy to follow and to the point. Several people in the audience gave feedback that they was confindent in when to ask questions and when to reflect on their own or in groups. The group immideatly experienced Nashater as prepared and an authority on the subject. We got several valuable insights that we learned from and feel confident to practice and take with us in the future. We in JCI Sandnes will give Nashater Solheim our highest reccomendations.”

Lars Inge Leirflåt  – Junior Chamber International Sandnes

“I attended one of Nashater’s presentations and quickly realized that this was something I should have participated in earlier. You get a better insight into ways to think, either in direct communication with others or during meetings, negotiations, etc. It’s a great guide to achieving your goals and influence, as well as achieving your purpose in a meeting, whether in negotiation meetings, sales meetings or other general interactions with another party. I strongly recommend her.”

Ideal Haxhiu – Rettfolk AS

“Incredibly talented speaker. We got to hear her about the psychology of leadership, how to negotiate, get better influence and success. Fascinating how she managed to engage the audience with her knowledge and delivery. Highly recommended! -speaks Norwegian and English, best in English and understands Norwegian very well”

Renate Kolnes – Stavanger Høyre

“I had the pleasure of attending the Subsea Valley 2016 Conference where Dr. Nashater Solheim was moderator, and she did a great job as moderator during the two days conference. I particular appreciated the panel debate with a Minister and CEOs from some of Norways largest companies, where she managed to create a good atmosphere, and interesting debate. She was very well prepared, and showed good insight in the topics, and great knowledge of the conference speakers. Likewise, the debate /discussion with CEOs and executives from various companies was a very good and interesting session, and Dr. Solheim definitely contributed to this. I also noted her friendly greetings to the conference speakers. Otherwise, she also had good introduction of the various speakers, and managed to maintain the conference schedule. In summary, she demonstrated her great abilities as moderator through being well prepared, speaking fluently English (native), handling Q & A (Questions and Answers) in both English and Norwegian, and creating a good atmosphere in panel debates / discussions that was very interesting for the conference participants.”

Ragnhild Holme – Petoro AS

“I give Nashater my warmest recommendation if you need an inspiring speaker on leadership & development. I had the pleasure to meet her in my early career, when she was responsible for streamlining the training portfolio across an international organization. I thereby invited her to hold a presentation before a large audience of young professionals on topics related to learning and professional development. She did a great job at engaging the audience with her passionate and direct tone, and catchy examples. She knows how to appeal to millennials and executive leadership alike. Bonus: her English is impeccable.”

Andra Maria Vasilescu – Equinor