JCI Event at Ipark

By 13th juni 2019Event

How can you use the power of psychology in business in order to have the positive impact and influence you need to motivate your team and peers and continuously negotiate with managers, stakeholders or adversaries to make real progress. The keys are in careful preparation, skilled questions, conscious body language, and tactical handling of the meeting and the room.

As the world becomes ever more connected and integrated in business, cross cultural communication and influence are a critical skill for any leader or professional. Nashater Solheim draws on her integrated experience as a clinical and criminal psychologist, business leader and strategist to show you know not just the “what” but the practical HOW of skilful influence and negotiation.

Nashater Solheim is the CEO and founder of Progressing Minds AS. Progressing Minds specialises in Persuasion, Influence & Negotiation (PIN) training for business. She has 23 years of practical business experience across diverse sectors for governments, NGOs, corporate, healthcare as well as oil and gas. She has moderated at several conferences, been an executive coach for leaders and trained competency in strategic thinking and influence for teams.

Nashater has held positions with both Statoil and Petoro at VP level. She holds a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Surrey and advanced studies in Negotiations from Harvard Law School, at the Harvard Negotiation Institute.