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Having both been a corporate executive leader myself and having worked with leaders and professionals at all levels for over 20 years now, my sense is that the ability to negotiate with others is a core skill we need to influence positively, communicate smartly, achieve consensus and motivate others. In business this alone is not enough – at the same time, keeping an eye on the bottom line, delivering results and tending to personal interests of the employees is a balancing art. And if you’ve tried it  -as I have – you know that this is not easy – it’s a set of muscles that need to be trained and maintained.  That’s where we can help.

We have developed a pragmatic and unique model for training these muscles  building on my expertise and long experience in investigative psychology, business strategy and corporate leadership.  To ensure integrity and evidence base in the ideas created, I attended Harvard Law school’s negotiation training program. It was a really inspiring and pragmatic approach which really resonated with me and I am sure will do so with you. Simple, but impactful and a common sense easy to use approach.  No long lectures, or power point seminars. We use our unique  “ABC “training method  – Approach , Behaviour, Communication.  Once tried it leaves such an impression on you, that you won’t forget it .

So we are launching  our updated organization and leadership development  programs and services –  based on the power of negotiations in business, strategy and leadership. If you would like to hear more or discuss your needs no matter how big or small- mail or call  for a free introduction or to discuss how  “our difference is your impact”.