Persuasion, Influence & Negotiation for Business

Progressing Minds are specialists in persuasion, influence and negotiation competence development. As highly experienced business leaders, and psychologists building on our experience from Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, at Harvard Law School, we provide unique business and people development opportunities for novices or experts alike.

PIN® – Persuasion, Influence & Negotiation for Business

PIN® skills differentiate impactful leaders and professionals from the rest! The essence of any leading role -regardless of the mandate, seniority or industry is the ability to:

  1. Positively influence others to follow – teams and peers, managers and stakeholders
  2. Create value directly and in cooperation others,
  3. Continuously negotiate within the organisation and outside towards customers, competitors, or adversaries to make real progress.

Not only to get the job done but to also develop new talent along the way.

So whether you’re walking into a negotiation meeting & your agenda needs to win or you’re leading a team or project and need to draw out the best from others, then you will benefit from sharpening your PIN® skills to give you the edge.  Our built-in learning from the Harvard  Negotiation Institute at Harvard Law school means you get the best training there is on offer right on your doorstep,  individually, in teams or groups, and you can choose…  at your place or ours. A pipeline of training solving actual business cases serves leaders and professionals transitioning from fundamental skills for newcomers to master classes for seasoned professionals, leaders and executives. Our new boot camp program is the perfect match for those who need to hit the ground running or have limited time and need an intensive up-skilling experience.

PIN® skills differentiate impactful leaders and professionals from the rest!

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