About us

Providing a leading edge since 2001

Founded in 2001 in the UK and now operating out of Stavanger, Norway, Progressing Minds is a unique and leading edge business and people development company that stands out from the crowd of standard consultancies. Proven expertise in commercial business strategy, leadership and psychology are integrated into helping you to sharpen your competitive edge.

Our accredited competence in negotiations and influence training will, in turn, be the key to your competitive signature. Whether you are an executive team, board, a leader or professional, just starting out or well on the way, we offer unique and proven tailored development and training based on real business experience.

Our Difference – Not just a mission

On the surface, Progressing Minds offers a pragmatic approach. This is underpinned by sound empirical business and psychological research and evidence. Our expertise is delivered through highly experienced business leaders and executives as advisors who have “been there” and “walked the walk”. They really do understand the pressures and challenges you face in today’s economic and political uncertainty and the need for efficiency and real business value in any service. More than a consultancy, we act as business and people catalysts, focusing on bottom line added value and sustainable impact.

In essence – our impact is your impact in making it stick.

Our Credibility – Your Reputation

Progressing Minds are specialists in PIN® competence development, (Persuasion, Influence and Negotiation), whether in business or private relations. As highly experienced business leaders, and psychologists building on our experience from Harvard Law School´s Negotiation Program, we provide unique business and people development opportunities whether novices or experts. We use only the best-trained and experienced associates who have a track record in impactful improvements referenced by clients from across industries and all over the globe. Our training helps you to skillfully navigate complex business negotiations or relationship conflicts and disputes with integrity, confidence, and credibility.

Our experienced C-suite and Board level partners provide the confidence you need that your reputation and relationships are our highest priority. Ours is dependent on it.